Recording iPhone Screen On Your Mac

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Hi All,
In OSX Yosemite Apple added the ability to connect your iPhone to your Mac with the Lightening USB cable and record the screen in Quicktime. However I am having VoiceOver problems doing this and wondered if others are the same?
I wrote to Apple accessibility and they responded saying that I am wrong. They said that if I change the sound input to the iPhone as well as the video input, then it would record the VoiceOver from the iPhone.
Technically this is true, the recording does include the VoiceOver speech. The only problem is that I can't actually hear VoiceOver myself when it is recording! No sound comes out of either the iPhone speaker or the Mac speaker to allow me to operate the phone!
This is also true when I leave the Mac's built in microphone as the sound input, which I would need to do if I were to record both VoiceOver and my own voice.
Am I missing something?
Many thanks,


#1 Hi

Hi! I don't think that you can to record bowth sources it's allow you record from your mac and just from there. Have there programs for mac that you can record from 2 sorces like "audio jack" on this web site.

#2 Actually you can hear yoru

Actually you can hear yoru mic. All you need do is put on headphones and move the play back slider up to 100 percent.

Good luck.