recommend a good guitar tuner please

Hello, I'm looking for an app to tune my electric guitar with Is there anything that you'd recommend? I saw talking tuner's iTunes entry, and the last update is for mid 2012. does this app work in IOS 7 even? If not, what else you recommend. Thank you


Good question... I recently

Good question... I recently started playing the guitar myself and was wondering the same thing. Although I downgraded back to iOS 6.1.4 because iOS 7 bugs were getting on my nerves. I'll have to try Talking Tuner out. I use a nylon string classical guitar but would eventually like to have an electric as well.

Talking Tuner

Being on an iPod 4, I don't have iOS 7. I can't tell you if Talking Tuner works with 7. But in 6, it's my go to tuner.

RE: Recommend a good guitar tuner / Talking Tuner & IOS7

The current version of Talking Tuner seems to be working fine under IOS 7.0.2 on my iPhone 4S. I also like Alvin Yu's free Guitar Tuner App. Here are links to both in the US App Store: Link to Talking Tuner in the US App Store: Link to Guitar Tuner in the US App Store: HTH, Bryan

perhaps the Roadie Tuner

I'm not sure if anyone on the forum has used the Roadie tuner more recently. Roadie says that their app is accessible. Which last time I used it it was, but I''ve not had a Roadie to play around with. I have heard that the more recent Roadies clip onto the guitar, or bass as they also have a bass unit now. They use the vibrations rather than the sound. Which is pretty effective. aS it shouldn't kill the sound on my phone when I'm tuning.
I've used the Talking Tuner app, and I personally think that it's garbage. Most f the time it never picks up any sound.

Another vote for Talking Tuner

I'm not clear why you are running such an old version of iOS, but I can say talking tuner works great on iOS 10, which I am running on my iPhone 6. Very accessible and seems to be pretty accurate. Good luck

recommend good guitar tuner

I have found a free app call tuner Plus. Since getting the free app, the developers have release updates to work with iOS 11.03. The app has tuning for various instruments and you can set it to pluck the string or play a continuous sign wave tone. App is very accessible.