Reading capital letters when reviewing text ios

I cannot find an App that I can use to store non important passwords that will read capital letters when re-reading a password. I have tried Notes, Pages and Access Note. What I mean is if I save a password into text it says which letter is a capital one. If I re-read this password at a later date it does not read the capital letter as such. Does anyone know of an App that will do this?


The only way I know of to do

The only way I know of to do that is setting the rotor to characters and flicking up or down through a word character by character.

I use the default notes app

I use the default notes app for stuff like this. Awesome since now they can be locked with touch ID.

Hearing capital letters when re-reading text

Thank you but in Notes when re-reading text character by character using the rotor set to characters it does not identify a character as a capital one. That is what I need, sorry if I didn't make myself clear but if I am re-reading passwords how would I know which character is a capital one?

Looking through settings

I'm looking through the settings to see if there is something that turns that off and on. Mine does say capital. If not, then you have a bug.

Ya, I can't find anything in the settings that turns off capitol letters. Mine says "cap A cap B ..." etc. I'm using the Samantha default voice.

Looking for a bug

Thnks for saying that your's works. I did some research. Both my iPad and iPhone don't read the capital letter. I tried my wife's iPhone and hers read capital letters. I played around with my settings in VO and found the problem. I have "Phonetic feedback set to Phonetics Only. That is the problem. As soon as I changed it back to characters and phonetics it was reading capital letters. Thanks guys.