Questions about mobbles

Hi! A couple of days ago I started playing Mobbles. I love that game but have a question. How do you earn mob dollars? I have lots of crystals but don't know what to do with them. I have about 800. What are they for?


#1 Hi

Crystals are for buying items like food etc.
Mob dollars are for premium items like eggs and energy drinks.
unfortunately I cant earn mob dollars to

#2 Woo

Woo! I don't actually need them. I just managed to catch my first mobble. It was cyren. I thought I would need those eggs because catching was too hard but it looks like I can.

#3 Trade

Would you like to trade?
I'd sent you a request

#4 my response

if someone can do a podcast on this game then i might get hangof it lol and then would be able to decide if i officially want to give app a spin:P

#5 I would like today

I would, but I don't know how to record it. I only have my iPhone. I could do it on audio boom though. It would be easy for me to record but the problem is that I don\t know how to get it on air. I have a brilliant dictafone but don\t have a laptop or computer at all. If you create an account, feel free to set me as sponsor at Sabrina.Fagerheim. I love this game. I was at the playground and managed to catch spuff.

#6 I can record a podcast, but i

I can record a podcast, but i don't know how to post it to the site

#7 Dropbox

I reccomend using dropbox. I would really like to hear the podcast so that I can get better at using the app. I have so much crystals now that I cannot understand what to do with them. Unfortunately I haven't figured out a way to use outfits. I don't think they are accessible to us. That is the only part I don't know how to make it work but it's no big deal because it's a small thing.

#8 Confused

How do you post it though

#9 Share the link

Just share the dropbox link. I am not sure exactly ho it works but I use it for many things including sharing recordings. I dn't want to go into details. CristelJohn How d you manage to take care of all your mobbles? You have nearly thirty of them. I find it hard to take care oof my seven. Lol. I love doing it but it's a lot to keep up to.

#10 Manually

I take care of them manually.
Its hard but i enjoy it

#11 Me too

Me too. I think that is the best part. I do them in order from top to bottom and that way I keep track and can easely check what I need to do to take care of them.

#12 Another question

Hello. How do you give a mobble to a friend_ I looked on trade but it was dimmed so I couldnt do it. Am I missing something_

#13 You need help

You need a sighted to do it.
But i did it only ones

#14 How is this game played

Hello. I would love to know if there was a YouTube video or anything to Tell you how to play this game using voice over

#15 Multi

I found that thing that does it possible to care for all mobbles at the same time but I don't want to use it because I enjoy taking care of them manually and that's more fun. I found that thing but haven't tried it because I don't want to. When it comes to the podcast just upload it somewhere. The hardest part is the bouncing but I can do that too. I love when they bounce. I have so much crystals now that I always choose hearts when I get to choose reward. They eat a lot so I may soon have to refill my crystal supply. I have nine mobbles now and they eat much. I allways buy the food crate. It has 25 pieces of food. I have the app in wedish but am planning to actualy make a podcast but then I will change my phone language to english so you can understand because I don't think there are many that understand swedish. :-)

#18 Maybe

Maybe we can show your podcast to the developer of this game so that they make it fully accessible for voice over users

#19 Yeah

Yeah we really should. It works good as it is but more accessibility would be great for this highly acdictive game. Although it got really crazy in the second podcast. Lol. I had to listen through that twice.

#20 Can someone explain how they

Can someone explain how they successfully catch them? I have no luck at all when I try.

#21 Catching

Caatching them is very difficult. What you do is you turn of voiceover and listen to the wheel spinning. Just at it's highest pitch, tap in the middle of the screen and you will most likely hit it. It takes a little getting use to, and I like to make sure that the mobble i am using to fight is at least one level higher than the one im trying to catch.