questions about logic pro x and safari

I am using Voice over. Does anybody know how to edit in one track in Logic pro x. I would like to copy or cut one part of one track, but I can not find a method how to mark the area I want to move or copy, or cut. I also wonder how to equalize each track on its own.

Now a Safari question: If I go into one article in for example a newspaper, or into one of the questions in this forum, how do I get back again where I was before clicking the item.


If you're using us or

If you're using us or internationakl keyboard layout then ctrl + [ will put you back in the page you were before but whether you will be placed back right in the link you clicked or at some other place in the page will vary and I have not yet figure out deppending on whhat situations.

I would suggest you open articles in new windows so that when you're done you can close them and keep navigating in the page which shows the list.