questions about Apple Music

Just subscribed to Apple Music and am loving it so far. I have tthreequestions.
1: is it possible to access songs via Siri?
2: is there a way to make some kind of playlist because right now my music library is a mess.
3: Is there a way to listen to songs offline or do I always stream?
Note: This is on iOs.


#1 RE: Can I use Siri to control Apple Music?

Hello Sasha. You most certainly can use Siri to control Apple Music. I have been a long time subscriber and have found that Siri works quite well.

For example, if you hear a song and want to add it to a pre-existing playlist, say add this song to XXX playlist and it will.

If you find a new album and want to add it to your collection, say add this album to library and it will.

If you want Siri to play your XXX playlist, say play my XXX playlist and it will.

If you want to shuffle the playlist, say play XXX playlist shuffled and it will.

Siri creates a radio station for you based on the songs that you have indicated that you like, which happens when you press the like button for a song, found under the more button.

If you want Siri to play the radio station that was created for you, say play my radio station and it will.

If the song that's playing from your personal radio station isn't something you want to hear, say play something else and it will choose something else from your personalized station.

These are just a few of the things that I can think of where Siri really shines. I hope you love it as much as I do.

#2 apple music is great.

If you want to shuffle the music, tell her that shuffle the music. it is works great.

#3 Siri and Apple Music

Hi Sasha, One more thing. You can say, "Play this song again".

#4 Apple music and Echo

You even can use amazon Alexa to listen to apple music.

#5 More answers

In case it wasn't explicitly answered, you can tell Siri to play a song, an album, an artist or a playlist.

You can download music to your device for playing offline, but I'm not sure Siri will do that. I haven't tried it. You may have to do it from the Music app.

#6 Thanks

This is awesome! I am definittely keeping this. I figured out how to download things. So now I am listening to music like crazy. I am glad I can download anything because I am working with crochets and am not always home so I will have a music companion. I do have some purchased music but I prefer this because now I don't have to choose what to get and now I can listen to anything.

#7 apple music

FYI. If you stop the subscription, any music you downloaded will be gone.

#8 I am aware

I am aware of that. But I am not planning to cancel the subscription.