Question for smart Instant Pot users

Hi everyone,

I'm considering jumping on the Instant Pot bandwagon and am debating between the IP60 Duo and the smart IP60 with bluetooth connectivity. I like the idea of the bluetooth, but I have a couple concerns about the app.

App Store ratings are extremely low. Users say it fails to stay paired and is otherwise unstable. It also hasn't been updated in over a year. So I'm wondering if any of you have had similar issues, and whether you see the app being able to stay current over time.

Thanks for your help.


Instant Pot App

I actually took the plunge and bought the smart instant pot, also liking the idea of full control of my pot and no guess and press of buttons. That said, I find the dashboard part, (the controls for cooking), very accessible, complete with while the device is cooking it tells temperature, time left, etc. As for it staying paired, I have not had an issue with that. Sometimes, when I first bring up the app, (like the other day when I was using it for slow cook), it does take a moment and acts as if the instant pot is not in use, but it quickly catches up and gives me the time remaining and temp. When I say quickly, we're talking no more than 30 seconds. I cannot really speak for the other parts of the app, IE the recipes and scripts. But, that's admittedly because I've not yet had occasion to use them. I personally would recommend the extra money for the smart pot. I have enjoyed knowing what my instant pot is doing and/or feeling confident I've set it to do exactly as I am wanting. Oh and for the record, I have checked the instant pot's progress from the upstairs of my house. So I have no idea what's happening with those having pairing issues.

Smart or dumb? who knows! Well… Maybe only the shadow knows!

I have the duo, non-smart instant pot! Whilst I find myself pining for the smart version, I’m completely happy with the dumb pot I bought! First off, it’s less than half the price of the Bluetooth version especially on Black Friday: TL – DR: wait for Black Friday! To save a bundle! There is an extra learning curve to memorize all the tactile buttons but, if you take the time you don’t need Bluetooth to enjoy the instant pot! It is also troubling that the application has not been updated recently! Having said this, if the Bluetooth version is fully operational without the app, and you like that extra insurance, go for it! Just be prepared to spend a lot more money! Fantastic device either way! Personally, I went dumn and spent the money I saved on accessories like the glass lid and some extra gaskets! Have fun: enjoy your new instant pot!

works without the app

Yes, the instant pot smart is fully operational without the app. All of the tactile buttons are still there, though I'm in trouble if my app fails, as admittedly I've not memorized them all and/or the automatic time amounts it has assigned to each one.