question about working with app updates in ios7.

Hi all, I have a question about working with app updates in ios 7. I have noticed that on the updates tab of the app store it seems to maintain a history list of apps showing what apps were updated and the date of the last update. My question is, how do you remove entries from this list? as it seems to be getting longer and longer for me, I have tried tapping and holding on entries then swiping but this hasn't helped. I have also noticed that when I install an app VoiceOver no longer gives any indication that an app is new, is this a VoiceOver bug or did apple remove the indication that was shown in ios6 for an app that was a new install?


#1 Auto pruning

I'm not aware of any way to manually remove apps from the updates list. However, they do appear to fall off the bottom of the list, as the last one on my list is dated 3 October, which is some time after I installed iOS 7. I don't know whether this self-pruning is based upon a time period or a limit of the number of apps that can be listed.

#2 app store in iOS 7 updates

Hi Alex and others, There is unfortunately no way to remove the update list. The updates go away after 30 days, or at least that's what I found out somewhere. Hope this helps