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Hello Members,
Does anyone know if the link to the tutorials at
is down or suspended?
When I go there, Firefox cannot open it and I am told to try again. Meantime, other websites, like this one, are accessible.

I have the iPad Air and was about one-third of the way through this set of tutorials - which I think are quite superb! It has been a couple weeks since time was available for me to continue through them.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


I'm able to access the cashed version of the page, so this may be of some use for a limited period. The site is either down temporarily or the service and resources have been discontinued.

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It's back up and has been updated. Works fine on Safari

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Even I am not able to access it. :( It is certainly down for everyone I guess.

It was up this afternoon

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Perhaps they were getting the tutorials updated with new material. Just a suggestion.


Hi, Thanks to everyone who commented on my query concerning Glad to hear they appear to be up and running again, update, that's a bonus! Thanks!
David R

Oct 21,'17 - still can't access!! This was the best resource I have found, I'm hoping the woman who created it may just be updating it for iOS 11. Great for everything all in one place!

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It is no longer available because the creator has passed away