question about netflix

I was wondering. when in the netflix app and I find a show I want to watch, I click download. It doesn't download the audio description track. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.


on your phone

on your phone there is a setting to turn audio description on and off I think it’s an accessibility

yes but

That doesn't seem to work for downloaded netflix content. i'm speaking to that specifically

It should work

I download stuff all the time and have never had any trouble. In addition to the AD settings for your iphone itself, make sure audio description is selected in the audio track. You can do this while in the audio and subtitle section of the video window when it is playing. I don't imagine you'd need to enable it before downloading, but worst case, try that first before doing so.

audio description

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If you have audio description turned on in your accessibility settings on your phone than it should automatically play audio described content. If it doesn't, it's more than likely that show isn't available audio described.