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I am running the iOS 10 beta, and I have a question about sending in bug reports with the Feedback Assistant.

Let's say, as a hypothetical example, that I found a bug in the Mail app which causes VoiceOver to behave incorrectly. The bug would not affect a user who doesn't rely on VoiceOver, but it does affect me. At the same time, it is clearly a mistake in the implementation of the Mail app, not a bug in VoiceOver itself.

In the Feedback Assistant, I can choose to report the bug as an accessibility issue, with VoiceOver as the feature I am having an issue with. Alternatively, I can report it as an issue with Mail, although if I choose Mail, I cannot flag it as an accessibility issue. I cannot select both options, since it's either one or the other.

So, which choice is the better one to make? Should I select accessibility, or should I select Mail?

Again, my example is hypothetical. Do not take this post as any indication of an actual issue.


#1 depends

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As far as I understand, it depends largely on the nature of the bug. If it is something like an unlabeled button in an app, the issue is with the app itself. However, if the issue involves Voiceover crashing or otherwise not behaving as expected, than the issue is with Voiceover.


#2 press all the buttons

Report it twice under each appropriate heading.
Also report the problem in choosing the heading.
Hypothetically, of course.

#3 Depends

It really depends. For the scenario you outlined above, as it is a VoiceOver bug, not a bug with the Mail app itself (for the most part; we cannot verify that), record it as a VoiceOver bug.

#4 Anyone else having problems

Anyone else having problems submitting feedback through the feedback assistant? I get an error message when hitting the send button, saying an error occured while trying to submit my feedback, and it asks me to try again later. I've tried now for 3-4 days, and nothing helps. I've restarted both the app and my iPhone, but of no use... Might there be a problem with feedback assistant in the current iOS 10 public beta?
Thanks for all help you can give me! :)