Question About Apple News on an iPhone 5S

Hi All, I am very new to this technology as I've only had my 5s for about a month so I'm very much a beginner. I'm working my way through anonymouse's beginner podcasts for the IPhone, probably not in order, but I've just listened to the podcast where he discusses apple news, and instead of seeing what he said I should see when I open the ap the only things I get are a welcome to news heading, then if I flick right I get an explanation of what the ap will give me, and flicking right again gives me a news and privacy button. That's all I can get too though, there's not even anything at the bottom of my screen, and if I click the news and privacy button I get a news and privacy heading, flicking right I get a done button, flicking right again I get a heading labeled about news and privacy, and flicking right from there gives me an explanation about advertising and the like. This is all I can get to though so I don't see how to get to anywhere where I can get news stories. What do I need to do from here?


Apple News

I think what you are experiencing is a bug in Apple News because I experienced it as well. To help you, I will say this: eventually a "Get Started" button will appear. Double-tap it, but you are not done yet. On the next screen, you will have to choose categories and news sources. Over one thousand are presented, and I only recommend choosing less than ten. After you choose these, there will be another button to click. After clicking this button, you will be positioned in the main News screen.

Since AnonyMouse recorded his podcast, a new section was added to News showing top stories.

I personally do not like the News app, but you might like it.

Apple news

Thanks for the info, I think I'll just pass on it for now then.


I'm glad that apple news is working for y'all. But it has not yet implemented to my country, India.


Other news apps

I'm not saying that Apple News is bad--it is certainly a very good attempt because it is Apple's first jump into this area.

If you still can't use Apple News, or if you don't like it, you might prefer another news app like BBC News. Other people on this website have also recommended NFB-Newsline if you are in the United States. I have not tried it because I live outside the USA, but I think it shows articles from periodicals including daily newspapers.