QBraille XL

Hello everyone. I recently purchased the new QBraille XL. But it is my first braille display and I'm having trouble learning how to use it.
Has anyone here tried it and could help me, or do you know of anyone who give online training on the use of braille displays?
I'm having trouble connecting to my iPhone and my Mac, via bluetooth, because apparently is has two types of connections (one for the keyboard and one for the display itself) and they don't work in conjunction for me.
I would also like to know how to switch from the hybrid or connected mode to using it standalone, to use the notepad, without having to desconect it.
I've read the manual but it is hard to understand for me.
Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


#1 I should be getting one in a

I should be getting one in a few months. I looked at the manual some time ago and the way I understand it, to make a connection you pair it twice. First you go into bluetooth settings on your phone, find the QBraille and pair it, and this will get the keyboard working. Then you go into VoiceOver settings, then Braille, and pair the display which will appear as a Braille Edge here which is normal, and this should get it working completely.

For exiting out of the remote display into the notepad, try typing a Z-chord (Space and dots 1-3-5-6). As far as learning how to use it in conjunction with iOS, you can either use the chorded commands that VoiceOver supports, or look at a reference with Bluetooth keyboard commands with VoiceOver as that's what the QBraille is simulating.

Sadly I can't give you more specific instructions as I don't have a unit in front of me now, but hopefully this should get you on the right track. :)

#2 Pairing to iphone

Pairing to an iphone is controlled entirely by voiceover.
On the phone go to settings, general, accessibilty, voiceover, braille
And click choose a braille display.
Use 0000 for your pin code.

Of course your display must be ready with bluetoothon
And discoverable.

#3 Thank you for your replays :)

Thank you for your replays :)
Sadly, I still don't know how to get out of terminal mode to go back to the notepad, options menus, etc.
I have successfully connected the braille xl to my iPhone as a braille display, but then I don't know how to get it into pairing mode again to connect as a bluetooth keyboard.
Hope I am being clear with my explanation, and any help is appreciated.