Program for reading PDF files

Hi all, does anyone know a program for reading .pdf files better than Preview? I'm mostly looking for something that would let me set bookmarks or let me navigate by pages and such... Many thanks for any suggestions! Robin


Voice Dream Reader

Hi, I think your needs can be met quite well by Voice Dream Reader, which has been discussed thoroughly on this website. It will do all the things you have specified. Give it a try and I don't think you will be disappointed.

iBooks, possibly?

I’ve not used it since it became available on the Mac, but would iBooks do what you want?

@Rajesh: Voice Dream Reader

@Rajesh: Voice Dream Reader is only available for iOS, I think. I however need something to use on Mac OS, so unfortunately that's not an option for me... @Soopy: I've tried, but unfortunately iBooks for Mac won't open .pdf files, they will just open in Preview. Robin

I'd Also Like to Know

I'd also like to know this. Last weekend somebody sent me a list of questions for a project we're going to be working on, and the document is in .pdf format. It worked okay in Preview, but I was unable to navigate using the arrow keys. This has ended up not being a problem though, because Voiceover read everything I needed in the document and I didn't need anything spelled out. However, Preview doesn't seem to work with pdf's that are accessed directly on the web.