Problems setting up Touch ID

My friend's finger print suddenly stopped working on her iPhone 6S. When she went to redo it, voiceover kept saying, "make sure your finger is covering the entire home button. She did a few scans and then it told her to try again. She repeated these steps with no luck. Any suggestions?


Problems setting up Touch ID

Hello. Sorry for hearing that, but I had the same problem using an iphone 5 S. Iphone 5 S and SE are using the same generation sensor so after a while it seems that it is mal functioning. I was able to solve it but it tooks some tries. I was lucky and a few monts after that problem I changed the phone.


Touch id is very finicky in how it works. If your finger is wet in any way, or is in gloves, it won't work. If your fingers sweat, touch id will not work and you'll run into this. I've switched to face id and will be sticking with it for the future as it is much better than touch id. However, in your friends case, either her fingers are wet, or the touch id sensor built into the home button is dammaged and they'll have to replace the home assembly. Sorry i can't be of more help than this.

Touch ID

My friend's 6S is used. I had this issue when I had my 7 and I was able to finally get my finger print to work. What should she do? She doesn't have a lot of money to replace the home stuff.

Clean The Button

I've had this issue a couple of times. Substances like sunscreen and bug spray, when transfered to the home button because of finger contact, render Touch ID very inconsistent and disfunctional most of the time. Tell your friend to pour some water on a tissue, squeeze out the moisture and give her phone's home button a wipe-down. Oh, and cleaning the screen isn't such a bad idea either, since phone screens are VERY dirty from constant usage.

Cold Fingers?

On my 6S, if my fingers were really cold, sometimes the touch ID would act up. Also, as previously stated, lotions and oils on the fingertips can cause it to act up, as well. If all else really does fail, then she may need to replace the home button assembly or the Phone itself. Have her keep working with it in as many ways as possible, as she may just find the solution without updating or repairing the phone. Unfortunately, equipment does just ware out sometimes.