Problems with iOS (current update) and the Brailliant 32 BI

Prior to the last IOS 9 update, I had no problems with several things when pairing my IPhone 6 with my Brailliant 32 BI display. One issue I probably resolved by bringing the display up to the current firmware update. But the problems did not go away completely. I discovered that when attempting to use either the email app or the message app, rather than the display being able to focus on the field I directed it to (in spite of the presence of the cursor on the display that usually means it is focused on where I wanted it to be), it was actually focused on the on-screen keyboard. Remember, in the braille settings within voiceover settings, you can turn the on screen keyboard on and off. Prior to the last IOS update, that was not an issue at all. When I discovered that the braille display's focus got stuck on the on-screen keyboard, I went to settings and turned that feature off within the braille settings. After that, I was more successful when using the display either in the email or message app. However, I still noticed that when typing in the to field in either email or the message app, I was going to have to go back and turn on the on-screen keyboard and use that keyboard to enter the desired destination in the to field of either email or the message app. I also noticed that after turning off the on-screen keyboard option within the braille settings, and then began to successfully enter text into the fields that would work with the display in email or messages, voice over would announce that quick nav was off. One more thing. When the on screen keyboard was turned on, there was no speech from voiceover at times as I entered text from the display. Further, no text would appear on the screen of my IPhone. Has anyone else seen this issue with either bhe brailliant or any other display? Thanks, and I look forward to feedback.


i have noticed

HHi, I have noticed some of this. I don't use mail on my phone, but in the messages app I can't get it to type properly. I don't know why either. it's strange.
question: do you know if this is happening with other displays? or just this one?

Problems withIOS (current update) and the Brailliant 32 BI

With the help of a friend, I received the answer to my question. But first, I did need to update the firmware on the display. I also unpaired (forgot the device) the display from the IPhone. I also did a reset on the display. Performing those steps helped, but they did not resolve the problem completely. So, ladies and gentlemen, the answer is turning on quick navigation on on the display in certain situations. Those situations are edit fields where you are entering a destination (the desired contact in the to field in both email and I Messages). So, you type in part or all of the recipient's name in the two field. You then turn on quick navigation (chord q)). Then using whatever you have to do to move out of the edit field, do that. That should then take you to a list of possible individuals. It may be only one person, or it may be a list of several people who have something in their names that closely matches what you typed in the to field. Navigate to the desired contact and select it. That will place that contact in its entirety in the to field. From that point, continue as you would with the other fields. Now, I am assuming that if you fill in the BC or CC fields, you will also have to do the same thing that I just described above. But you don't need to turn quick navigation on and off in either the subject field or the message body. By the way, turning quick navigation on and off are the same command wit the display (chord q). I hope this helps, and hopefully, I have not confused anyone. Oh, and yes, the steps I just outlined regarding displays and to fields in email and text messages applies to *ALL* displays.

Update to Ios 10

Hello, I updated to Ios 10 about a month ago & I ha