Problem with VoiceOver in Messages app on iPhone 5C

I'm sure other iPhone users have had this same problem with the built-in Messages app. If I try to read my received messages while a bunch of new messages are still coming in, every time a new message comes in, my phone does a very short vibration and VoiceOver stops reading the message it was reading and starts reading the new message. This happens no matter what I have my notifications for Messages in Settings set to. This is a huge problem for me especially in group threads when everybody in the group is texting each other back and forth and I'm trying to read the original message in the thread so that I can respond to it. I even Googled this issue and have found no fix. Is there any way to fix this annoying issue, and if not, are there more accessible third party text messaging apps out there that don't have this issue? Thanks.


had this too

this isn't a new problem, it's been there all along. or at least for a long time. not much you can do i don't think, at least i've never found a way around this. and, no, you can't have third party apps for texting. apple don't let you do such things. if you want to use third party apps for various phone functions, you need to use android. lol.
Just about the only third party thing you can use on iOS, is voip software such as skype, that links in with the phone calling system. other than that, all other apps / functions, you're pretty much limited to what comes on the device.