Problem using the rotor's text selection on my iPhone 5c

I can't seem to find the text selection feature on my iPhone, even though i have it set on the rotor. I'm running ios 10.3.3. Can anyone help, or is this an ios issue?


Rotor Option

This rotor option sadly won't be available in every app. Goodreads is one of them, and a couple others where I've really wanted to use this function but for whatever reason cannot.

Try it in your email app in an email and see if the option is on the rotor.

This is definitely annoying to me that not every app has this option and I don't know why that is. something in how they are set up or something? Who knows.

TText selaction doesn't availible everyware

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Hi, unfourtuenatlly it doesn't availible every ware. It' found in Safari app, Mail and messages. I don't know why apple choose like this, or it could be bug in ios. Interesting point, i will check this with apple accessibility to understand why.


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Hi, strange i see the text selection on my iPhone7 with the latest version. May be on 5 S it's little different.


It is available on Safari. For the apps that don't have it, try going to the web site.
That's what I do with Good Reads for example. I agree with you all though, text selection should be everywhere. I can think of a few situations where that would've been useful to me, and they're mainly on Good Reads.

Text Selection

Hi, the Text Selection option only appears on the rotor when you are editing text. So if you are either in the address bar in Safari, or editing an email in the Mail app, then the Text Selection option appears. If you want to copy text, for example on a web page, then the Text Selection will not appear.

If you ever want to copy text that is not in an edit field, have VoiceOver read out the text, then do a three finger quadroople tap and the last text spoken by VoiceOver will be copied. If you want specific text in a paragraph, let's just say, then have the paragraph or line spoken by VoiceOver and then do that gesture, then go into where you want to paste and turn the rotor to the Edit rotor option and swipe until you hear the Paste option. Then do a one-finger double tap and your text will be pasted. You may have to clean it up, especially if it copied text you didn't want, but that is the easiest way to copy text that isn't in an edit field.