Problem creating folders on iPad Mini

Hi all, I have come across an unusual problem with creating folders on my iPad mini... If I drag an app on top of another, nothing happens and also if I try dragging an app into an existing folder nothing happens either... I am running iOS 7.1, but it's not a problem with the software as I can creat folders with no problem on my iPhone 5S. . . The issue only appears to be with the iPad mini. I have reset the iPad as a last resort but the problem persists... Has anyone else come across this problem, and if so have you found any workaround? Cheers,


creating folders on the iPad

When double tapping and holding on a app and when trying to move an app try to make sure yoyu are on the app you want to move the app on top of and then wait for the three tones so the folder can be created. It is kind of hard to explain when doing this kind of stuff. If you do this from scratch when you first get you're iPhone it is not so hard to do. If you have a lot of apps the process of sorting the apps in to folders can be a bit tricky.

In my experience

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In my experience, creating folders on an iPad is quite tricky. I think the problem is the larger icon size for the apps, and the iOS is rather picky about exactly where the app is located on-screen as you drag it. The problem is that, while dragging an app, VoiceOver will announce that the app is on another app as soon as the two are overlapping. However, from what I can tell, that is not enough to create a folder. The app you are moving pretty much has to be fully on top of the app you're moving to, not just touching it. Therefore, you must move the app more carefully, making sure VoiceOver announces that a folder will be created. For example, suppose two apps are located next to each other on a row. I double-tap and hold on the app on the left side, then start dragging slowly to the right. After moving for a while, I hear VoiceOver say, "On such-and-such app." I keep moving slowly right, and some time later I hear VoiceOver say, "Will create folder." It is at this point that I have to release the app to create the folder. If I release the app before this point, either nothing happens, or the app simply moves to a new position without creating a folder. This is on an iPad Air, by the way.


Thanks @dvdmth Following your advice, I successfully created a folder... The larger icon size must be what's causing the problem. Thanks again!

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Thanks! I do love this place and the folks who make it possible.