Problem With BookShare web reader

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In the BookShare Web reader, apparently there is some kind of ad for a new reading tool that, at the moment, is not compatible with screen readers. When previously getting this message, I could simply navigate to and click no thanks. Now, however, the message appears but Voiceover can't seem to navigate to it. The web content area simply consists of the toolbar and the book content frame. Pressing VO Function right arrow will say the word, "No thanks," but there seems to be no way to focus the Voiceover curser to this element. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and if so, do you know if this is an issue with Voiceover on macOS or an issue with BookShare? thanks


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Hi T Dog -- In Safari 10.0.1 under Sierra 10.12.1 I experienced the same issue and was able to close the annoying message using the following steps.
1. Make sure the "Form Controls" item is in your web rotor (VO Utility > Web > Web Rotor).
2. Login to Bookshare and open a book in the web reader.
3. Make sure VO focus is in the Bookshare Web Reader.
4. Navigate by Form Controls until you reach the form control labeled "No Thanks." I use the VO+U keystroke to quickly list and navigate the form controls, but QuickNav will also work.
5. Press VO+Spacebar to activate the "No Thanks" control. This closed the message and enabled me to begin reading the book.

Note: In my case, the annoying message appeared to be an advertisement for the "BeeLine Reader," which is a plugin available to enhance the reading experience for sighted Bookshare Users. Apparently BeeLine reader is not compatible with text-to-speech.


#2 Bookshare is aware of the problem

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Bookshare has said on Twitter that they have reported this problem to their “product and support managers”.