problem battery level on iphone 6


I just bought an iphone 6. I installed it and i'm using it now.
But when I look at the battery levels sometimes the level jumps directly from 55% to 53%.

Is this a know issue?



Oh, yes, it is...

The infamous 55 to 53 gate rides again.... Just jocking, I think it depens on whithch apps are runing and how when you check the batery status.

It's an estimate, not an absolute value

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The battery indicator in iOS is estimated based on the usage of the device, and it can change depending on what you're doing. In fact, it is possible for the indicator to increase by a few percentage points after changing certain settings that affect battery performance.

Once I plugged in my iPad Air while the battery indicated 75% charge, and a few minutes later the percentage was down to 69%, even though the battery was charging. I would not worry about fluctuations in the battery indicator, unless they jump by astronomical amounts, say from 80% to 20% in a few minutes' time.