Is this possible? I want to increase the volume levels on some tracks

I am looking for a program that can raise the volume on a few tracks I have. The volume by default is a bit weak and would like to find a program that can fix this does anyone know of any?


#1 Audacity

You could use a program like Audacity to "normalize" the tracks. Other software might have a similar function as it's a standard part of an audio engineer's tool kit.

#2 If you look up iVolume you

If you look up iVolume you can find what you are looking for. It normalises all the tracks to the same loudness, that is 0.

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#3 I've also used Audacity

to change the level of individual files.

#4 The reason I recommend

The reason I recommend iVolume is because you are not Reencoding the file thereby causing artifacts to appear. I'm a stickler about such and try not to do any reincoding if I can help it.

#5 Does iVolume work on iOS as

Does iVolume work on iOS as well or just OSX?

#6 No this is an osx thing only,

No this is an osx thing only, how ever you can in itunes prefs in the settings app cause it to sort of compress all of the tracks to have the same loudness. I personlly don't like it as it sounds yuck, but it works.