Please help me spread awareness of the voiceover lag on edit fields issue

The more times we forward this to the quicker response we will get.
My friend says it does not happen on his iPhone 7+, that is weird.

Please pass this on to devs:

When tapping on an edit field in most applications using voiceover
there is a very annoying 1 to 1.5 second lag (not entirely sure).
It happens on any app unless you 3d touch on that edit field (on
supported devices), or, if the ap has a text label you can tap like
write a message.. that is not the actual edit field.
If you tap on the edit field element, the lag is there, always.

Some people say it was fixed but for me, it's not.
I use the latest version of IOS 12.3

Please, is there a way to fix it? It gets really annoying because
unless I use 3d touch (which is not always possible and most of the
time I end up typing an extra space when the edit field is at the
bottom), it would be much easier if tapping didn't have the lag.

Thank you.


Keen to know more

App Developer

Sounds like this could be a good example to include in my presentation on VoiceOver to iOS devs in a few weeks. (Request for examples in this forum post.)

Can you give an example of a specific app and edit field where you experience this, so I can see if I can reproduce?

I have this issue as well

I have this issue as well with my iPhone 8. I personally don't find it very annoying, and didn't really notice it until you brought it up, even though I use 100% speech rate.


I've found this to occur in the Messages app and even on this website. I haven't noticed a significant lag elsewhere, but that could just be because I never thought about it.