Please help a first timer who would like to learn how to create apps

My name is Harrison. I'm totally blind, and would love to develop apps. (and i mean i'm actually willing to put in the time and effort to learn swift) I have a MacBook air 2013,, but I have a question. is it accessible to do this? I picked up a book about swift, and it's telling me to drag one thing to another to make connections and things. how would a blind person develop apps? Thank you.


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Xcode 7 is coming this fall. Once it does, I plan to update all of AppleVis' resources on development, as 7 makes some important changes. For now, consider using the command line interpreter (called the REPL) to learn syntax and programming concepts. Check back in September or October, once Apple officially releases everything, and I hope to have some good articles and podcasts ready to go.