Please help: 65 gb is missing

Hi. Besides the default applications that come preinstalled on the Mac, the only ones I added are skype, fission and dropbox. My downloads and trash folders are empty. I have not set up any mail accounts in the mail app. I do not run windows and did not make any partitions. My dropbox has 55 gb of files in it. My computer storage is 120 gb. I am getting an error message saying dropbox can't sync because my disk space is low. Does anyone know what could be using the other 65 gb or is there a place in settings like in iOS with settings-general-usage where I could go and check? I looked in about this Mac in the Apple menu but there was nothing there.


Where are those

Ware are those folders? What are the folder paths? Also, if I delete files from those folders, will anything be deleted from dropbox?