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hi, how do i create an ipod compatible playlist, the easy way? thanks, michal.


Music app how to create playlists.

Hi Michal if you question is about how to create playlists on the Music app so that I understand there 2 ways how to create playlists. #1. using iTunes (Windows or Mac OS) #2. using Music app directly on the iOS device. to me the easy way is creating playlists directly on the Music app. so this works for your iPod without syncing NOTE; need to have many songs or albums on your iOS device no matter what iOS version you are running this work following the steps below. #1 open Music app #2 scrup to the bottom select Playlists #3 on the upper right corner hit on New playlists... #4 Enter a named for this Playlists on the edit text. use one finger to navegate using flick gestures. #5 there 2 buttons Cancel or save. select save. #6 on this new screen will all your music list. however is selected by songs by default. but on the bottom there are 4 taps Songs Artists Albums Composers select one of them #7 press double tap on each selection, whenever you have all your music that wished on the top upper left corner there the done button. hit on it. so then you have already one playlist saved. I hope it helps.

i am able to see the m3u's in

i am able to see the m3u's in iTunes, but i dont see any items in the inported playlist. with iTunes, i have no idea, how to do a new playlist. to the first poster. the same ios instrunctions applies for an iPhone, too, right?

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answer to Jessica The .m3u Audio file type can be opened using the following programs: Windows: Nullsoft Winamp Media Player 5.6, Roxio Creator NXT Pro, Apple iTunes, RealNetworks RealPlayer, Microsoft Windows Media Player, VideoLAN VLC media player, Media Player Classic, Foobar2000, Songbird Mac: Apple iTunes, RealNetworks RealPlayer, VideoLAN VLC media player, Cog, Songbird Linux: XMMS, VideoLAN VLC media player Answer to Michal the same ios instrunctions applies for an iPhone, too, right? right... iOS family means. iPhone iPad iPod.

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Yes I get the same thing. I import my .m3u playlists and they show up empty. I think this is because the file paths to where the playlists are stored are wrong in the .m3u files. I made the playlists on my Apex, so the file paths in the playlists will be where the songs are stored on my Apex, not where they are stored in iTunes on my computer. Where does iTunes store playlists? I think I can edit the playlists I maid on my Apex to have the correct file paths, but I need to look at one iTunes made, like maybe the recently played or top 25 most played which are playlists iTunes makes automaticly. Then I can see the file paths and take out the Apex file paths and put in the iTunes file paths.