playing audiobooks and podcasts at variable speeds - any good solutions?

I'm fortunate to have good vision but hundreds (thousands?) of hours listening to podcasts and audiobooks have sped up my ears. Now I listen to audiobooks and podcasts at 2x speed. Sometimes I'd prefer something a little bit quicker, sometimes a little bit slower. iTunes apparently gives no control over playback speed so I use QuickTime player which does. Its still a bit awkward, there must be a better way. Do you know of specific apps that provide good control over playback speed? I'm interested in OS X and iOS recommendations. thanks matt


Some ideas

Hi, if you listen to audio books from Etc. there app lets yu play back books at up to 3X I think. I use iCatcher for podcasts and that allows at least 2X playback. I've also tried DownCast, that allows at least 2X to. All these apps are iOS apps.

A good one is called speedup

A good one is called speedup player. There is a free version and a paid version. I use it for all my audio books. At one point there were a few accessibility issues, but those got fixed about 8 months ago.