Play GoldGun season 1 for free - Retweet contest

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Do you want to play GoldGun for free?

If you are an active user in Tweeter, and you play our Retweet contest, you could win the seven episodes of GoldGun season 1 for free.

Throughout January 2019 we will be tweeting teasers from GoldGun episode one. There will be 10 tweets in total, each starting like “X/10 GoldGun” being X a number between 1 and 10. All you have to do is retweet all of them, the faster you retweet each teaser the better your chances of winning.

Read the full giveaway rules at

Best regards, thanks for helping us to spread the word, and good luck!


#1 I'll participate

I would like to play so I'll participate, I'm a bit popular in Twitter too :-)

#2 how do i do that?

Hello. How do i participate?

#3 response to post 1

i'm going to participate as well:)

#4 Thanks #1 and #3, and answering to #3

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Participating is quite easy, but it requires to be on Twitter. The competition is designed to spread the word on that social media, so that is why. If somebody doesn't like tweeter, to be honest, I understand :)

The complete rules of the contest are summarize in this link
The easiest way to succeed is to follow us on Twitter, and check our updates every 2 or 3 days. Everytime you see we have posted something starting like "X/10 GoldGun" being the X a number between 1 and 10, you retweet it asap. The first ten persons retweeting the 10 tweets, win the whole season 1 (7 episodes) to play for free on iOS or Android.

In any case, if somebody can't take part in this contest, don't worry. We are bringing soon more surprises, but I can't share all the good news on the same day. Keep following our updates. Hope you liked them.

#5 And the winners are...

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And the 15 winners of the GoldGun complete season 1 are:


Congratulations! We DM you.

Disclaimer: The original contest talked about the first 10 persons, but we decided to rise up to 15, as it was quite a tight competition.

Thanks again to all participants.

#6 won

i won the first season. how can i download it??