Petition urging Valve to make steam more accessible

A friend of mine has started a petition asking Valve to make Steam more accessible. For anyone who doesn't know, steam is, "an app store for games". There is a client for Windows, Linux and Mac which is why i'm also posting it here, as there are a few quite playable games on steam that can also be played on the mac, Eg Shank. The mac steam client is completely inaccessible and it's a real shame as there's growing interest with developers to make their desktop games accessible and most choose to publish on Steam. Even if you normally don't play games signing this would be appreciated as every signature helps.


I signed and shared the

I signed and shared the petition although truthfully Iv'e done these before and companies really don't care unless they are threatened with a class action lawsuit. Let's hope that valve is not one of these. Also the petition does not look like a contract to me. Not legal enough, still though, let's hope it works.

I heard that apparently there

I heard that apparently there are some rm -rf bugs in steam, so until they get those fixed, I would not vouch for accessibility.

So, I hear letters and stuff

So, I hear letters and stuff have ben written and the rm -rf bugs probably have ben fixed by now as I write this last year. Any word on how this petition is doing? Try a petition on They are good guys to work with.