Performing the pinch gesture using VoiceOver

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I would like some tips on how to perform the pinch gesture using VoiceOver. What does this gesture do? How can I perform this gesture? What is this gesture used for?


#1 How to use the pinch

The pinching gesture is used for selecting and unselecting text. Pinch open to select, and closed to unselect text. To pintch place to fingers on the screan and move them apart for an open pinch and together for a closed pinch. The gesture is like you would do when pinching something. To use the pinch the roter needs to be at edit or text selection.

#2 How to use the pinch gesture

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You're welcome! Glad I could help!

#4 Not Quite

You got the basic gesture right, but you're confusing it with another way to select text. Text selection is a rotor setting which alters what your flicks do (flick up and down to adjust by how much you wish to select text, and then right or left to select or unselect). The pinch gesture selects based on your rotor setting and not text selection mode. So, to use it to select by words for example, you would set your rotor to words then pinch open to select each word in turn. Only after that is done do you rotor to edit and select cut or copy.

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My bad.

#6 Performing the pinch gesture

The pinch gesture DOES NOT work for me I just tried it to select some text and all I got was a clicking sound. Then the cursor moved out of the edit field. What am I doing wrOng?