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I use yahoo fantasy sports a lot, but their aps are not accessible for voiceover... has anyone else had the same trouble using yahoo fantasy sports, and if so, have you found other apps that are more accessible? Thanks!



Submitted by blindgator on Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hey Chris, I have been working with a developer over at Yahoo, and have great news as Yahoo recently launched a completely redesigned app for baseball, football, basketball, and hockey all rolled in to one Yahoo Fantasy Sports App. I recently drafted all my fantasy baseball leagues using the app and every part of the live draft now works with VoiceOver, and yesterday Yahoo Fantasy released an app update and now almost all in season management of your teams works with VoiceOver. Check it out as you can now check out your teams daily performance, edit your lineup using VoiceOver which I have never been able to do in any fantasy app, even adding and dropping players is accessible. There are still a few very minor VoiceOver glitches but Yahoo is working hard to fix these very soon. I have to give a major shout out to Yahoo and the development team for taking the time and effort to build accessibility in to their new app and continuing to work on perfecting it. I am really impressed with Yahoo and their commitment as I would not have expected it from a company of their size.