Why is my post about a new Zello channel being removed?

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Ok applevis and fellow users. Will someone from applevis please post why my post about a new Zello channel keeps being removed. I see nothing wrong with my posting. I am simply wnating to let people know about a new zello channel that was created. Last time I checked, that wasn't against the rules. Please! other people comment on this post. I also hope that a member of applevis will be brave enough to post on this topic why my posting about a new zello channel is being removed. The channel has no password and is called x* Removed * please comment. Applevis has no just cause to sensor this posting.



Submitted by AppleVis on Friday, August 16, 2013

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team


Our Help pages explain that we do not allow these kind of postings on the site: Can I Post Details of my own Website, Podcast or Other Online Resource to the AppleVis Forum?The forum is not the appropriate place to post unsolicited information or links to your own website, mailing list or other online resource, so the short answer is 'No'.If you believe that your website would be of interest and value to other users of the AppleVis website, and its content falls within the scope of AppleVis, then the appropriate thing to do is to submit it to our Links Directory.An exception to the above rule is that you may post about your website to an existing forum topic if it provides information that is pertinent to that discussion. For example, if somebody is asking for help on using an app, then it would be totally appropriate to direct them to a podcast that you might have on your website.Any posts that fall outside of these guidelines will be removed.


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