Why dose Siri need an Internet conection to do a simple task.

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Hi All i'm not sure how siri helps you all yes it dose do some good things for me. but its a shame it can't be done without internet conection Like call some one if you already have peoples contacts listed in your phone. for it to do a simple task like timing somthing or opening an app or typing text for an email or adding things to your reminders or colander you shouldn't need the internet.



Submitted by Lisa on Thursday, January 3, 2013

Siri uses a server to "listen" to your questions. Similar to how google does it, Siri transmits your question to a server that basically analyzes what you say, so that siri can understand you. This means that your apple device doesn't require a ton of processing power to understand you. So, without an internet connection, siri doesn't have the ability to "hear" you.

Submitted by DPinWI on Thursday, January 3, 2013

I don't have Siri on my Touch 4g. However, I do have Voice Command. I am not sure what it can do, other than play music. I use it for that, and am glad it doesn't require a data conection to do it. So it's possible to do speech interpretation inside the box. I think that it would add a layer of complexity to Siri for it to have the ability to decide what is said to the degree it could determent whether it's a simple task, or a more complex one that requires the servers. I don't hold out any hope for an expanded feature set in Voice Command, nor for an offline Siri.