What is an RSS Feed

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So, the subject says it all, but for those who didn't catch it, what exactly is an RSS Feed? I know that the RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, but other than that, I'm lost. Then again, maybe the R is something different. I am always hearing of all kinds of apps being able to work with said feeds. Honestly though, I have absolutely no idea what they do, and why they are used. Thanks much.



Hey guys. If you've subscribed to a podcast, and I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts that you have then you've made use of an rss feed. You can also use them to post written articles or pretty much any other content and if someone subscribes they get the new stuff when it comes out. and Joe's right, RSS does stand for really simple sindication. The only thing I'm really lost on is how to actually create an rss feed. I know you have to use a xml file, but what's written in said xml file is still new to me. I know Applevis has a podcast so maybe one of the editorial team would be kind enough to explain how they created the rss feed, or give people tips if they'd like to learn how it's done. I'm pretty sure Wordpress will let you create one, but I'm not sure of the ins and outs of it.