What is it with the negativity on ios I keep reading?

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What is it with all the negativity? 1. I have an iphone 3gs. running ios 6. Just fine. A bit slow sometimes and sluggish. But ios 6 and beyond is really getting too powerful imho for the iphone 3gs. Time to upgrade to at least a 4s if you can. I am aiming for the 5. But it may take a while for me to get there. Anyway I have had no problems and actually been quite pleased with ios 6 features. So I don't understand why there are those screaming and trying to upset the apple cart. Such as the one who stated apple os stinks. People if you want apple to stop producing good accessibility and hardware just keep behaving like you are and they will. And then you will be up a creek as far as iphone accessibility goes. Knock it off. In fact usually people who behave like this are usually people just trying to start something. They may or may not have a device with ios 6 on it. Same with book reviews. I have learned for the most part to tune these people out and I hope apple knows well enough to do the same. 2. I have myself not come across any bugs with ios 6 on my iphone 3gs. Everything works as should. Apps that weren't working were upgraded. I upgraded to them and they work just fine. This is all a process people. Things change apps need to be upgraded so on and so forth. This is not anyone's fault. This is where patience develops and kindess rather than criticism. Ever think about catching more flies with honey than vinegar. Not that i think apple people are flies. Because they aren't. But seriously your attitude lacks professionalism those of you yelling about ios 6. And it really saddens me that I have to apologize for this behaviour. It is unprofessional and not necessary. Your blind. But the world doesn't owe you anything. Apple and whoever started the accessibility features owe us nothing. Be thankful for what they give to us. And thank them for it rather than criticizing their products. 3. Apple has continued to be accessibility improvement oriented. If you listen to the keynotes apple does you would know this. I wish those of you yelling about ios 6 could have your devices taken away. Because believe me your not doing yourself or any other person who needs accessibility on their phones any good. Keep it up and apple may stop doing accessibility. I doubt that. But still honestly. There is no reason for this behaviour and it is ridiculous. If you listened to the second to last keynote you would know that apple is devoted to keeping things accessible. However with the bad emotions they may be getting from those of you who think people owe you everything I am not sure how much they may keep it up. Ok ok. I will stop. And i will not say anything on this again. I will say ios 6 takes time to learn as with any major upgrade. And this is a major upgrade people. Those of you fussing take time to learn it for goodness sake. You might be pleasantly surprised. Stop putting your foots in your mouths. It doesn't make you look very good. Have a nice day. And for moderators up here. I am in no way bashing anyone. If my post gets removed or I get bawled out for stating the obvious then I will not post here anymore. But it is ridiculous how some people behave I am sure you must agree on this. I don't agree with everything about this site being managed in certain ways. I mentioned that a lot time ago. But even your moderators have been in the heat by some of these fussers. It is almost like they are children or something who have never grown up. And I am surprised you put up with them so much. One would think after sticking feet in mouths several times people would realize how embarrassing it is to do that. I know I have. And they would stop. But they aren't stopping. I am contacting apple and I suggest everyone who agrees with me and agrees ios 6 is great should contact apple and say thank you . It is what I am going to do.



Submitted by Vash Rein on Sunday, September 30, 2012

Agreed, we should be focussing on what the real issues are and work together as a group to request improvements when they are needed. It is unfair to just judge when the reality is that IOS 6.0 has been out for just over a week. If there are bugs, its important to report them to accessibility@apple.com or calling the accessibility toll free number so that it can be documented. Be realistic, Apple made Voiceover free to us as a way to attract us to its devices. It works, and sometimes has bugs and as it evolves, so does voiceover. None of us can say the same thing about Android which is relatively very inaccessible and Windows phone which has no accessibility whatsoever. Similarly, blackberry had a program called Orator which was never updated and Nuance and code factory went to the wayside. We pay $1100 for Jaws and even $600 for window eyes when Voiceover is free. Apple never had to do anything, but they did and they regularly update their software for our benefit. If there are bugs, report it and be kind instead of saying something negative and valueless like IOS stinks. If its reported to apple and the app issues report to the proper developers AND we collectively do it together, then the issues are more likely to be fixed. Just stating something negative on this website and complaining accomplishes absolutely nothing except venting frustration. Its good to inform others about your own issues as it might allow somebody to provide valuable information and insights, but complaining and demanding like a group of spoiled children will get us ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE! Be respectful, be responsible, be patient; Fixing bugs take time because sometimes its very hard to go through entire code and find where the issue might be. REPORT REPORT REPORT! Stop saying this doesn't work and that doesn't work. Report it to us and then report it to apple or the developer and be KIND about it.

Submitted by Siobhan on Sunday, September 30, 2012

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No I haven't lost my sanity. Yes, Idid vent about no wanting the iPhone five but I have not belittled anyone for getting one. As for why people complain, it's reminding me very much of Veruca Salt. That girl from England who want it "Now." Seriously you both are right, but blind people for the most part have nothing better to do then whine and complain when things aren't spoon fed and they are burped afterwards. I'm sure i've fallen into this category but who probably hasn't? I'm running a 4 with IOS six and yes there are a few bugs, one most notably is the keyboard becoming very sluggish when i compose a message using the touch screen. I will always stand by Aple's products, and moaning about how this isn't to what you, want, isn't going to help anyone or anything. I'll deal with the bugs and when it updates,it updates.

Submitted by synthesizer101 on Sunday, September 30, 2012

People complain about IOS6 because they don't like something. Maybe it's a bit drastic, and maybe they should be more open to the fact that apple works hard. I agree that people shouldn't acuse apple of not caring. Still, if there are bugs, which there are, people have the right to say they don't like them, and report them.

Its not about liking or not liking. Its about saying things like IOS stinks or saying that its just the beginning of Apple not caring or forgetting their users. The fact is that IOS is IOS and whether it is good or is not good is dependant on the user and his or her needs. This is a website meant to share accessibility for apps as well as posting accessibility issues, not for criticizing a single company because they have made changes that require some work or a little more effort by the user. IOS is not perfect, that is true, but it is constantly being updated and voiceover is likewise always being updated. There will be things that create issues sometimes. As users, we need to voice our opinion without making it sound like we are complaining or ranting. There is a proper way to voice a thought without alienating others. As blind users, we are a community and it is our responsibility to ensure we are not left behind or ignored, but not by demanding or being rude. Saying IOS stinks serves no purpose other than annoying the people who don't agree as well as possibly alienating the programmers and developers who make the effort to ensure we do have accessibility. Frankly, I think its important to remember that we could easily not have any accessibility and regulated to using dumb phones to just make phone calls. We have come a long way in 4 years, and its our responsibility to make sure we keep moving forward, but we cannot just expect accessibility, integration, or acceptance because everyone else has it. We have to be smart, patient, and open minded to change; Requests tend to go further than demands; Demands should be made when there is no other recourse; Nothing suggests that our requests aren't being heard right now.

Submitted by Thomas Stivers on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

While I agree that being rude when we complain about Apple products isn’t going to do much to help the discussion, I hate to see what I call an attitude of appeasement either. The idea that if we complain about something, disagree with a decision, or make waves that Apple will take away accessibility is disturbing to me. We in the blind community have just as much right to complain as anyone. I hate to use the cliché, but I will. It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. If Apple or any company chooses to remove accessibility from their products I will stop giving them my money. If enough people make that decision then accessibility problems will get fixed. I won’t let fear stifle what I have to say either positive or negative about Apple or any other company, but I will do my best to be respectful when I condemn a decision which leads to more inaccessible products. @stivers_t