VR Stream, Mac, and Audible.com question

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Hi all, leaving thi sin here, because though I mention the Mac I thought this was the best place. i'm considering a second gen stream from humanware. My only problem is, I use Audible.com for audio books. I have access to a windows computer sparingly, but here are my questions. I've subsequently found out i can put in an SD card and all is fine, the Mac recognizes it. But to get my new stream to activate the audible content, I'd need to go to windows, download the manager, connect, open the manager, choose the device, close the manager, turn the stream on, then hope it works. Then If all goes well, put the computer back the way I found it, none of the audible stuff on a computer that doesn't belong to me. If anyone can help with any of these let me know either here, or if this isn't allowed ot stay up please use my contact for off the site. Thanks.


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