VoiceOver is too Verbose in Voice Dream Reader

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Hi All,

Today I was using Voice Dream Reader to read a Kindle book I had recently purchased.
While reading a sentence, the voice in VDR announced the word dot between two sentences.

This is the first sentence in this example.This is the second sentence in this example.

After investigating further, I noticed that there was no space between the two sentences.
This seems to be a problem relating to the file format I converted my purchased Kindle book to.

My resolution for the above issue was to convert my file to an rtf text file.
The original formatting (i.e. spaces, paragraphs, etc.) seem to be retained when using rtf instead of other file formats.

Therefore, the sentences were read correctly, i.e. dot was not announced.

Hope this helps somebody.

Kind regards,


Note to Moderator:
I have posted the above information as it relates to the functionality of Voice Dream Reader.
I believe the conversion of Kindle files to be a secondary issue, and it is not intended to be the focus of this contribution.
A similar loss of formatting/over verboseness could apply to PDF or other file types.