A very well done experience with Apple Support.

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Hi everyone. If some of you remember, I was unsure how to go about resetting my security questions, because I hadn't gotten the chance to get a rescue email provided. I was surfing the web, trying to find a contact form, when I find the talk to Apple button, I clicked. My cell rings instantly. Upon telling the gentleman what I needed, he tried to send me verification codes for me to provide for him. Here's where voiceover was in my ear and I could barely understand the codes, in fact I had such a hard time we needed alternative means to access my information. Of course, later I realized he'd sent it to my cloud addres, my bad. After that, I was able to reset questions to things, I can remember, create the email I neede now all is done. Thanks to a fantastic Apple guy. Has anyone done that two step verrification where you use a recovery key and the trusted device? I almost did it but it seems a bit daunting, especially if I'm goign to upgrade phones, and not sure how long I'll have my second gen iPad. Anyway just wanted to let all know my situation is resolved. :) I also think it would be a good idea for Voice Over to slow itself down when reading something like a code during a phone call. do I knwo how to do this? nope. :)