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Hello friends!
I am about to upgrade from iPhone 5 to 6. But i can't decide if i buy the 16 gigabyte storage or the 64. I herd that alex doesn't work on phones with 16 gigabyte storage, is this true?
If you have any tips or advice i'd be very glad to hear them.



Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Alex works on iPhone 6 16g just fine.
Its very hard to advice, since we don't know your usage habits. Personally I use the 16g version, but I use a lot of spotify for music, cellular data etc. Most of my documents and things sit in the cloud so I don't need much of the space on my phone. If you don't use lot of cellular data, but move a lot and want to listen a lot of music, get the bigger storage versions.

Submitted by Sam N on Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Remember that these new operating systems are 64 bit. With Alex installed, you'd only have 11 gigs of storrage. The 16 gig is unrealistically small, making this most recent memory pricing plan pretty sleezy on Apple's part. Still, here I am with a 128 gig iPhone 6 plus.

Submitted by Sam N on Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Usage is important, for sure. With my 16 gig 5s, I found it difficult to have books from Audible Bard, Learning Ally, and Bookshare on my phone and still rent and buy movies, or sync and buy music, and that isn't even taking podcasts into account. For me, going from 16 gigs to 128 felt almost liberating. Micromanaging my space was really inefficient.