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okay, I have an eight GB four S. It is running the latest IOS seven. My question is should I update it to 8.1? yes, I know it will slow the phone down, but my question is, how much? is it going to be so slow that it will make me want to toss it at a wall? or just a little laggy here and there? anyone have any advice for me? yes I know it's up to me, but I prefer to get input before I do it.



Submitted by Mike Freeman on Monday, October 20, 2014

I'm not going to update, at least for a couple of weeks. I want to see what bugs have been introduced by the update as well as what bugs have been squashed.

Besides, for me (still using and happy with an iPhone 5), although many of the new features in iOS 8 may be fun, they're far more bling and blarney than they are useful additions, again in my opinion. Bear in mind that I am one of the few who did *not* want Fleksy integration into the iOS and am not interested in Braille input on the phone as I use the latter one-handed on-the-go most of the time and when I do use Braille, it's with a Braille display and Braille keyboard.

But as you say, it's really up to you; you know your needs, likes and desires far better than we do.

Happy ruminating!

Submitted by a woman on Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello ...

I've also got an 8 GB 4s.
Permit me to elaborate on this.
I got an iPhone because I wanted to be able to send and receive texts, to save numbers, to always know who is calling when the phone rings, and I also thought it would be nice to have some GPS app that would make finding places easier. With BlindSquare, MBraille, a battery case and a braille display, I can do all of that and even more. So I am content with the 4s and – since many of the VoiceOver bugs have been solved with this OS – with 7.1.2.
So why would I want to update? The list of bugs just seems to get longer and longer :-) . And once you've updated, that's it – no going back.

So I'd say, don't update! I'm quite sure you would regret it. It could make the phone too slow (and it also seems it will use 2 GB) and you may be forced to get a new one. Many would probably argue that that would be a good thing, since the 5s or the 6 is faster and so on. That is so, but there is also the cost to the environment. Getting a new device every few years just isn't sustainable (just think of all the resources: heavy metals, plastic and so on that the devices are made of). From an environmental point of view, we should keep our devices for as long as we possibly can, no matter what Apple or any other huge company would have us believe. Please -– let us not be uncritical, materialistic consumers! We have a responsibility to live as sustainable as possible.
And I hope you're not taking this personally! That's not how I mean it! It's a general comment and an appeal.

As far as I'm concerned, I am totally unimpressed and rather disgusted by the hype surrounding the new iPhones and the Apple watch, and I will keep my 4s for as long as it will work. I can do everything I want with it, so WHY would I want to change anything?

Sorry for this 'environmentalist sermon'. But I HAD TO say this once here!

Submitted by Usman on Monday, October 20, 2014

Its not recommended that you update if you have a phone older than a 5.

Submitted by synthesizer101 on Monday, October 20, 2014

I would suggest not updating unless you really want one of the features. I don't think the slowing down would be much of an issue, but you might see significant loss of storage space. For an 8gb device, this could be a problem.
By the way, I do advocate that once you upgrade to a new device you either sell your device or keep it as a backup. This allows the sustainability advocated by the previous comment to continue.
However, if you were especially wanting one of the new features such as direct third-party keyboard input, then the update is probably worth it.

I'm glad to hear that you're thinking about sustainability. After all, the environment is our livelihood and so we should do our best to protect and preserve it.
But the fact remains that, when you buy stuff, resources are used, greenhouse gases are emited, in the manufacturing process and so on. So, from an environmental point of view, it's best to keep stuff for as long as possible, especially when it's made of heavy metal or other precious non-renewable/finite resources. Don't you agree?

And even if the 4s wouldn't become too slow, it may take up too much space (apparently 2 GB, it says). And what if it does get too slow? Then you're forced to get a new device, and – one can say what one will :-) – that just isn't sustainable (though of course, if one just throws away the old device instead of keeping it or selling it, that's even worse).

So summing up :-) , I'd say updating an 8 GB 4s is too risky, (especially if one is concerned about the environment). What if it does get too slow, too much space is lost, or something? Then even the direct Braille input and so on wouldn't be of much use. Don't you agree?

I agree that updating an older phone (or even an iPhone 5) is more risk than *I* would want to take on at this time. Let a few more bugs be squashed before I take the plunge.

However, unless a substantial fraction of the techie market suddenly becomes environmentally conscious, I submit that the amount of precious metals, rare earths and the like that will be saved by even the entire blind I-device subset of those using I-devices is minuscule at best. It may make you feel good to wear the hair shirt, so-to-speak, but the environment is not going to be less despoiled by your doing so.

But this 'It's just me, so it makes no difference either way' argument can always be made. For example: Whether or not I eat meat/animal products makes no difference because I'm just one person. Whether or not I buy cheap clothes that have to be replaced every year makes no difference because most people buy clothes of poor quality. Whether I buy a new iDevice every 2-3 years or choose to keep mine for as long as possible makes no difference because most people don't think that way anyway. So much plastic is produced/used, so whether I buy lots of cheap plastic furniture or fewer good quality wood/metal furniture makes no difference.
Of course many people do think like that. I've heard this kind of argument many times, I just think that that's not a very helpful attitude, sorry for saying so. After all, if everyone thinks that way, there really is not the slightest chance that anything will be achieved.
This is not about 'feeling good' or some naive idea that the behaviour of a few people can 'change the world'. Please! This is about doing one's part, as best as one can.
Or to put it another way: The fact that the manufacturers will not become environmentally concious over night, or that even if all blind iDevice users were concerned about the environment that wouldn't be many, doesn't mean that none of us should be thinking about sustainability. The more people demand that manufacturers adopt a more sustainable approach (e.g. by keeping their devices for as long as possible), the more likely it becomes that they will do so. But simply saying, 'Our impact is minuscule at best, so I'm not doing anything', won't help us either. Do you see what I mean? I do hope so.
And having said all that, I would never buy a new device just because it exists. I would not allow any huge company to convince me I need some new product, when really I don't. Whether I buy something entirely depends on whether I need it :-) .
Please -– let us be critical thinkers and environmentally concious consumers!

Submitted by Jalys Ortiz on Tuesday, October 21, 2014

First, as is always the case, the big picture isn't being looked at here. I've heard a few people say that their 4S's have become more responsive, but to each his own. I have a 5S, so I don't truly know.
And, even though this has nothing to do with the question, I do have to defend Apple here. In no way does Apple tell you to buy new devices. In no way do they sit there and say, "Hey! Spend all of your money on these new iThings!" No. The reason Apple (and any other company) makes money is because consumers willingly purchase such devices. And most carriers and Apple themselves have a recycling program; if the device is still in working condition, they'll refurbish it. So while I do agree that protecting the environment is important, there are a few steps that are already being put in place, and it's certainly not Apple's fault that people are buying products.

I'm glad you're saying protecting the environment is important to you!

Of course they're not explicitly saying, 'Buy a new device every few years'! That's not what I said.
But they're making the devices in such a way that they will not last long, for example by building the battery into the device. These devices are not supposed to last long, because if they would, Apple (and any other company) wouldn't make enough profit. Also, they're constantly releasing new software that will not be supported by older devices, and so on.
Of course it's not 'Apple's fault' that people buy stuff! Please! That is not what I said. But they do WANT people to buy as much stuff as possible! Of course it's the consumer's choice, and that's exactly what I meant when I said 'Let us be critical/environmentally concious consumers'. Everyone of us has a responsibility to live as sustainable as possible, a responsibility to do their part, as best as they can, but I said that already.
I do hope my argument makes mor sense to you now.
And for the sake of completeness: Hopefully no one is taking what I'm saying personally or anything! That's not how I mean it! And I most certainly don't want to offend anyone, and apologise if I have done so. I'm just putting forward my argument, because I am concerned about the environment as it is our livelihood.

And of course it's possible that updating may make a 4s more responsive. But what if an 8 GB device becomes too slow, too much storage space is lost, there are too many annoying bugs, or something? Then the person would be forced to get a new phone (which Apple would undoubtedly like :-) ), but it would be best to keep one's device for as long as possible.
So, I'd say the risks of updating do outweigh the benefits :-) .

The thing is, Apple doesn't require you to update. In no way do you need to update your software simply because your phone supports it; my grandmother still has an iPhone 4 running iOS 7, as does one of my best friends. The earliest most applications support is iOS 5, and I even know someone who was using a 3GS until recently. So these devices can technically last you at least 5-6 years if you're careful with them and treat them right. And while the battery isn't user-replaceable, you can take it to an Apple store and they'll replace it and hand you the device right back.
And, yes, an 8GB device is running it a bit tight; if it had more memory, I'd say update. But given how much memory the device itself has, I would advise against it.

Of course they don't 'require you to update'. That's not what I said.
And yes you can get a replacement for your battery (which not many people know or would consider doing), and if you treat your device right, it can last many years. But I'm sure you agree that that is not what these huge companies 'want', simply because selling as many devices as possible for as long as possible makes them more money. The devices CAN last long, but they are not intended for that, because companies want to keep selling their products.

It's great that you know people who are using older phones! I am glad to hear that.

And who would have thought it :-) , we all end up agreeing that updating an 8 GB 4s is 'probably not a good idea'/'too risky' (and I would add: 'especially if one is concerned about the environment and wants to keep one's device for as long as possible' :-) ).
With that, the question of the original poster should be answered sufficiently, which is a good point at which to close this discussion :-) . Don't you agree :-) ?

Submitted by Cat on Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Okay, I need to state some things. In a way it feels as if I am being judged here. Just because I want to update my phone to the latest OS, I am the bad guy. Maybe this is not how you meant it, but this is how it is sounding to me. Let me clear things up here. I do not go out as soon as a phone is out to get it. There is no point. I still have the IPod five; I don’t have an IPad and do not want it because I do not need it. If I get a new device, like I will be getting in 2016, I do not toss the old one out. Heck, I have an IPod third gen, and while I no longer use it, it is still in my possession. While I am happy you are interested in saving our earth, and I do agree, It just feels like I am being judged here. Like I said, you may not have meant it this way, But to me, This is how it is coming across. With all this said, I can not update my phone at this time because one, I do not have enough space on my phone and two, I do not have enough space on my PC at this time. I have decided to wait and see if maybe later I may want to. There are some helpful things on this OS, like Braille input, and Fleksy as a system wide keyboard. Trust me I can not touch type very fast and while a Bluetooth keyboard is an option, it is not practical to carry it everywhere with me. Thanks for reading and have a nice day/night/afternoon.

I can assure you that I was not attacking you personally! I was appealing to everyone – generally. I did state several times that I hope no one will take what I'm saying personally, and that that is not how I mean it. But you think it came across that way. I am very sorry to hear that, and hope that you believe me that my comments are intended as a general appeal ('Let us be critical consumers.') and not criticising you personally ('You're the bad guy.').

I am very glad to hear that you don't just buy new stuff because it exists, but you think about whether you actually need it. Of course that is a good attitude. Sure.
It's also good to hear that you still own and use older devices.

But as others have said, I wouldn't update.
Yes of course direct third-party input is nice. Believe me, I am probably the slowest 'on-screen keyboard touch typer' in the whole world :-) . Compared to me, you're probably 'extremely fast' :-) . But what if you update and your device becomes too slow, too buggy, or too much storage space is lost, so there's not enough space left for the stuff you need? Then you'd need a new device after all. And, from an environmental point of view (this is not an 'attack' but a fact) it's best to keep one's device for as long as possible.
So I'd say, the risks of updating outweigh the benefits. (Sorry for repeating myself!)

I sincerely hope you accept my apology and that my comments make sense to you. I was appealing to everyone, not attacking you personally.

Sorry, and all the best!

Submitted by Rafal on Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I have updated iOS on my iPod Touch 5g and it works faster than on iOS 8.02. Don't know if this helps your iPhone 4s. If you have concerns, you'd better not update.

Submitted by Rafal on Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A woman, I do appreciate your environmental concerns though I am not a fan of ecology. I think we're already late and everything should have been done at the beginnings of an industrial revolution or after World War II, the latest. I agree with you that buying a new device just because it's on the market is pointles and I'd rather buy one that fits my needs.

Submitted by a woman on Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In reply to by Rafal

May I respond quickly.

I am very glad that you appreciate my position!

I'm not sure what you mean when you say you're not 'a fan of ecology'. (I'm certainly not a fan of anything, I just want us – including the next generation – to be able to survive and live healthy lives.)

But generally, we are in total agreement, also as far as buying stuff one doesn't need just because it exists is concerned. Great :) .

But to respond briefly to the point you raised there - if I may. The idea that there is such a thing as an 'environment that needs to be protected' only came into being in the 1960s or so. And even now that climate change, the damage humans have done to the environment and so on, have become so obvious, it's still business as usual because of influential lobbies, mighty multinational companies, greedy politicians and so on.
I'm just contending that we should still be thinking about sustainability, about how we can best preserve our livelihood, the environment. Yes, we are late – possibly too late – but don't we still have a responsibility to do our part? After all, we cannot know whether or not we really are too late, or whether we can still do things to mitigate this disaster. And just saying, 'We're too late already, so it's not worth doing anything', isn't helpful either and won't improve things (but – though the chance is minimal – doing one's part and trying to live sustainably possibly may), don't you agree? That's all I'm saying.

Submitted by Ahmed Hamdy on Saturday, October 25, 2014

I could that one of the most good new features in ios 8 is built-in braille typing, this is the most thing I liked and am using, otherwise it doesn't deserve specially if It'll slow down your ipohne
there rre some other new things like recording an audio message, but they're not that much, beside there are some bugs like when voiceover doesn't tell the caller id when the iphone is scielent and so on
so if you don't care about the new features, you're not advised to upgrade to ios 8 specially cuz It may slow down your iphone