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Hello there I'm new in this, and I have read there's a tweak called Unauthorized Lightning Cable Enabler which does exactly that with the uncertified lightning cables but I have been searching for it on Cydia without luck. Does anybody know if it has been removed or has something similar that can help mewith this issue? Thank you in advance!



Submitted by Brother J. on Monday, February 17, 2014

I have a 3 metres Lightning cable manufactured by Griffin Technologies. It is the best thing on the market to my knowledge – much better than the stock cable. Regardless of cable, my telephone asks me to ‘trust’ my laptop. Non-authorised cables [especially ones by Griffin Technologies] should work flawlessly. When my device was jailbroken, I remember I used something that suppressed these annoyances but am not sure if it still exists on Cydia. I can not so much as recall its name but I think the word ‘connect’ was in the name. I hope that helps no matter how meagre and vague my response is.

Submitted by Robert A.M. on Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hi Karina, do I know you? LOL. Before installing this tweak, you'll need to add the following repository to Cydia: http://parrotgeek.net/repo Good luck and please let us know how it works! Regards!

Submitted by Karina Velazquez on Sunday, February 23, 2014

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thanks Robert! unfortunately I have already tried with this repo and I stil dont find the tweak

Submitted by Robert A.M. on Sunday, February 23, 2014

OOOPS, that's right, the package is no longer inside that repo, I just added it myself. I wonder if it is being updated or something? I suggest checking back in a few days. Regards!