Turning off passcode on an IPhone 4S

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Hi Everyone: Does anyone know how to turn off passcode on an IPhone 4S? I am tired of having to type in a pass code everytime I want to unlock my phone. FYI, I am still using IOS 5.1.1 if that matters. Thanks. Nancy



Submitted by MarkSARCH on Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hi Nancy Right here is the guide how to turn off the Passcode Note action for the gesture flick right go to the next item and flick left go to the previous item. #1 In the home screen or wherever screen you have look and open the settings icon. #2 Under settings using the gesture flick right or left depending the voiceOver cursor look for General And press double tap on it. #3 Under general heading using the sane gesture flicking right or left look for Passcode Lock And press double tap on it. #4 Under Passcode Lock heading You have fiew options such as Passcode luck off or on Change Passcode Etc, etc in this case hit in your selection Hope this helps

Submitted by Nancy on Thursday, September 27, 2012

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Hi Marco: Thanks for the instructions. Unfortunately it didn't work. When I get to the Passcode button it says "Passcode on". I double tap on it and this is what I get; the Passcode heading, a Cancel button, instructions telling me to type in a Passcode and a keyboard to type in the passcode. There are no other buttons to choose from. If anyone has any other tips or suggestions I would appreciate them. Thanks. Nancy

Hi Everyone: I just wanted to let you all know that I figured out how to turn off Passcode. Here is what I did in case anyone else wants to turn of Passcode: 1. double tap on Passcode Lock On button, 2. enter current passcode in edit field, 3. the Passcode menu will come up, 4. double tap on Turn Off Passcode button and enter your passcode, it will now be turned off. I varified by turning off my phone and then turning it on, I double tapped to unlock and my home screen came up. Thanks for your help and support and I hope my instructions will help someone else. Nancy

Submitted by Bob on Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Thank you so much for the info, even tho this is 4 years later! My current phone crashed, decided to resurrect an old 4s, and the passcode input every time the phone went to sleep drove me crazy!
The old 4s phone was in permanent "restore mode", and even Apple couldn't get it to turn on by using itunes. Help from this site made it work. Now you've solved the headache of the passcode.
This site is great. Thank you very much Nancy.