turning on the equalizer on the iphone

Hi all I'm wondering how to turn on the equalizer on the iphone? When I go to settings and music while the music is playing, I get to an equalizer button which says that the equalizer is turned off. Double tapping on that button of course takes me into the equalizer settings. The first item is off but when you double tap on that it simply says that off is selected. How do you turn that setting from off to on so that you can change the settings? Regards Andre


#1 Here's how to turn on the equalizer

After the off button, there are different equalizers that you can choose from. Double tapping on any of these will change the equalizer to it's corresponding name.

#2 RE: turning on the equalizer on the iphone

Settings | Music | EQ. After having double-tapped EQ, flick to the right till you hear Off as that is the first option selected by default. Each subsequent option can be double-tapped and instantaneously enabled effectively disabling Off. After you made your selection, simply press the Back button or close Settings altogether via the app switcher. I personally think this feature is lacking in several ways but if you listen closely enough you should be able to discern between certain settings. These are all preset so there is no telling how many frequency bands were used for a preset and on what frequencies they were pre-configured. iTunes has more control over the equaliser than this. Moreover, the equaliser presets here only extend to the Music app. Apps like my personal favourite Tune Shell, CanOpener, Dirac, HeadQuake et cetera are not affected.