Transferring A DVD to an Iphone or Ipad?

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Hey all, So I am finally making the leap to listening to DVDs with the audio descriptive track. I wanted to see if anyone knew of the easiest way to transfer a DVD or just the audio descriptive track to an iPhone or iPad. I have read how the sighted do this, but before learning by trial and error which will take awhile, I wanted to see if anyone on the AppleVis site was already doing this and might be able to save me a few steps, or let me know what software they are using and works with Apple Voiceover on the mac. Thanks as always.



Submitted by Chelsea on Monday, January 16, 2012

Hi, I have played with a program called Handbreak, which is quite accessible on the Mac. I think you will also need VLC media player and one other plug-in to get around the DVD copy-protection, but am not entirely sure, as I just got my Mac a few days ago. I will be finding out soon, and will update this post when I do. I use this to put DVD's on my computer so they are easier to watch and organize. Any time, Chelsea

Submitted by blindgator on Monday, January 16, 2012

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Hey Chelsea, Thanks for the info. I had come across Handbrake and VLC when researching how to do this, but wasn't sure if those programs worked with VO. Glad to hear they do, and will start giving it a try. I guess I know what I am doing for the next few hours. Welcome to the mac world, it is great for the most part.