Transfering books using a Victor reader stream first generation and a Mack

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I would please like to know if their might be a way to transfer books using a Victor Reader Stream and the Mack. I know for Windows, their was a piece of software called the HumanWare companion. As I understand it from HumanWare, you can not unzip books like you can using the HumanWare Companion software. If I am wrong about this, please might I be pointed in the right direction on this? Was their a HumanWare Companion made for the Mack so that folks that don't have the VRS second generation could still transfer books?



Submitted by Rixon Smith on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

There is no human where companion for the Macintosh computer. Essentially, you would have to do the process completely manually just like you would if you were doing it on a Windows computer without human where companion. Essentially you have to select each book and open the zip archive then you'll have to select the file that is created and move it to your Victor reader stream folder such as digital talking books. For example if you have a book called you open the folder and then you move the space folder to your digital talking book folder on your victor stream I hope this helps you The exact same process will work when you are putting digital talking books from the library of Congress on to one of their blank cartridges

Submitted by Chris on Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Let me clear a few things up about the Stream. First, you don't really need the Humanware program regardless of your platform. If you connect the Stream to your computer with a USB cable, it will appear as a drive in any operating system. However, I wouldn't recommend taking this approach as the original Stream uses USB 1.1 which is extremely! slow! If your Mac has a dedicated card reader, put the SD card into that. You will have much faster transfer speeds.

There isn't a version of Humanware Companion for the Mac. From what I can gather, Humanware has never and will never provide any kind of program for Macintosh computers. The only thing they provide to Apple are braille drivers for their displays.

You shouldn't have issues unzipping books using your Mac. If you haven't changed the default Safari settings, the computer will automatically unzip any zip file you download. The unzipped package can be found in your downloads folder. If you've disabled the "Open safe items after downloading" option, you will have to manually open your downloads folder and select the zip file. When you hit command o, the Mac should automatically unzip the file and create a folder with the contents of the file.

Submitted by themusicman08 on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ok. everyone.

Thank you for all the help here. Using just the cards will work for me so that way I don't have to keep bringing out the USB cable to the Mack computer. I can just slide the card in and eject the card propperly. I was told though by an Apple accessibility rep that it may take several times for the card to be seen, or it may pick it up right away. None the less, it works. Thanks guys!

Submitted by gailisaiah on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

You can download books directly to the Stream by using your BARD account. This can all be done on the Stream without a computer using wifi.