tips and tricks for using the camera?

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Hey guys, So I just signed up for applevis, and I love the site and what it represents. I have some questions about taking pictures. Are there any tips and tricks for aiming the camera correctly to take pictures of people or objects? I know the iPhone camera gives you a little bit of instruction. Like it'll say face at the top edge of the camera or something. Where do you want that face for it to be a decent pic? I also got this app called guided photo pro to possibly help. Apparently it only will take pictures of you with the front facing camera? I hate it! It's so slow at giving directions. It'll tell me a direction, I'll do it, and it'll just sit there and not say anything. I know taking pictures for someone who is totally blind is difficult, but if you guys could give me any suggestions that would be great. I'm not looking to take amazing photographer pics, just decent enough pics to share with people. Thanks in advance, Sammy



Submitted by Shersey on Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Objects are pretty easy, though--if they're flat or can be laid on a flat surface. 1. Place the object on a flat surface--say, a counter. 2. Make sure to focus on the button you'll need to push in order to take the picture. It's easier to take the picture when you don't have to hunt around for the button when the phone is in the air above the object--as this can badly mess up your aim. 3. Place your iPhone on top of the object, as close to the center as possible. Remember to take into account the fact that the camera is in the top right-hand corner of the device, so you'll need to move the phone a little further down and left when positioning the camera lens. I've found that tilting the phone so that the only corner touching the object is the top right-hand corner--the one where the camera is--and centering that can sometimes be easier. 4. Lift the phone, being careful to not move your hand too much as you do so You need to be about 8 or so inches up from the object--though you can just approximate this. 5. Press the button to take the picture. Double-tapping works, though a split-tap might cause the inevitable shaking of your hand to happen a little less. My hand shakes, so I'm assuming yours might as well. Hoping this helps, Shersey

Submitted by Chelsea on Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I find that hitting the volume up button keeps the phone more stable, but this only works in iOS 5 and not sure if all apps support. VO''s directions on faces help me take pics of people ok.