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Hello. I'm considering purchasing an iPhone 5 on Sprint. I'm sick of 100 dollar phone bills on at&t. I can have a 90 dollar bill but that only gives me 300 mb of data to use. I stream a lot of internet radio and I use a lot of data when out and about. Plus with sprint unlimited texting and data is included in the plans. I would pay 89 or so if I switched to them. Do you guys think the 5 will run on sprint's LTE? I believe we have it here in Orlando. How is the iPhone on sprint right now? I know their 3g is a bit slow but I can deal with that. I'm just sick of at&t. Thanks a lot for the help.



Submitted by Brent on Friday, August 24, 2012

I think the Sprint service is probably the best of them since they still have unlimited data yet. I have the 4S with them, and it works pretty good. As for whether the 5 will have LTE is probably anyone's guess right now. I got the lower voice minutes because mobile to mobile and nights after 7 are free.

OK. That is cool. I'm not sure if you guys heard this but at&t is forcing people to switch to shared plans in order to use facetime on their network. So to me that sounds like they are saying you have to pay more money to use a feature that is free by default. I don't see why they could not just let count against your data alotment. That is another reason I'm switching. Plus I'm the only person on my account so I'm not sure what that means to me. I just do not want to support a company that tells you what you can and can't do on your phone. I know it's their network but if you want to facetime then you should be able to do it if you so choose. Not switch to a higher cost data plan to do it. Plus they force you into a 50 dollar plan for tethering. Unlimited data was the same price but that is different. Excuse my rambling. I just can't wait for apple to anounce the phone.

Submitted by brandon armstrong on Friday, August 24, 2012

hello, i switched from that cash cow over to sprint earlier this year, and while the 3g is slow, i love it much more because of the unlimited data plana nd the cheaper bills. the highest you would pay wit unlimited data is ninety six dollars and twenty seven sents a month. i enjoy my 4s on sprint.

Submitted by MarkSARCH on Friday, August 24, 2012

Hi Firstly let me tell you who you Need to wait, why? because notbody knows if the mention iPhone 5 going to support 4G LTE. I have Sprint service now i live on California to be exacted in Los Angeles and have a iPhone 4S, and let me tell you that you need to make sure if the area where you live has good reception for the company that's going to offer the service for 2 longers years... I have been jumping on the 3 big carriors Verizon, AT&T and Sprint of course Im talking just on United States, all the 3 carriors mentions above with the only one who I had problems is AT&T. Dropcalls, etc. etc. I said here on California not cost to cost , one friend mine has AT&T service ans he use the iPhone 4 and I have the 4s and my iPhone 4S is more faster to the 4 on AT&T. I have been on differents parts like as, Las Vegas, San Francisco North of CA. and others states and Sprint service is very reliable, I spend until 18 Gbs of Data per month and I don't get any surprise!!!! I am not telling you that sprint is the best one just who you need to be carefull the area that you are going to use it... oh and it's not $89 the mountly account is $79 + regular fits. Hope this Helps...

You are correct in mentioning that the network of Sprint is slow, particularly when loading sites with lengthy pages. Although I haven't thoroughly tested the capability of streaming radio stations, I did use iBlink Radio on 3g. Unfortunately, the app buffered almost constantly when I was trying to listen to a station in the "radio reading service" category, making effortless streaming impossible. Be that as it may, a friend told me that other radio apps don't pose problems when trying to stream different stations. Who knows, the way that iBlink Radio operates might have changed. Despite these issues, Sprint is a pretty good service. I love the limitless data, and I think it's fantastic for any customer. You would be able to use apps such as Blind Square without worrying about additional charges to your phone plan, which I think is really good. I just purchased Blind Square today, and I find it to be an incredible navigational app. With Sprint, I can use it freely and frequently.

Hi all, I've been thinking about going to Sprint because I'm tired of this only 3 GB a month data package with AT&T, does anyone know approximately how much I would be paying with sprint? Right now it's about $400 a month I'm pay ing with AT&T, and I got 2 iphone 4s's, 2 iphone 3gs's, and and android phone with 3 gb of date on the iphone 4s's, the 3gs's have 2 gb of data, and android with phone with 2 gb of data as well as 1400 minutes with unlimitted mobile to mobile on any carrier any sudgestions? Thanks. and also I agree with austin, I think it's rediculus that AT&T is now forcing a shared data plan on the loyal costumers hopefully they will go bankrupt for doing this, or perhaps maybe apple will create their own carrier as roomered? Only time will tell. Sorry about the rant.

I have been using Sprint for a couple of years and find their service to be quite reliable, especially with the IPhone. My parents seem quite happy with it as well. The unlimitted everything is priceless because I too use a lot of data. I don't find the network to be terribly slow. It depends on where you are and what you want to do. It is true that the IPhone 5 might not have LTE, but that will affect everyone; no matter the company they use. It is one of the beauties of a universal design; if one has it, all will, and if one doesn't none will. I think the bang you get for the buck is worth it.

Bobby, You may want to check the new data sharing plan they now have on AT&T for you if you decide to stay with them. The reason is that even though it is being pushed on you. The larger family size such as yours will save a lot of money. In your case you say you spend $400 on the plan you have. I can tell you that with 5 smart phones on the new plan. You can get unlimited cell minutes, umlimited text, plus 10GB to share for only $270. So it can save a lot of money. I believe it is $30 for another device to that plan. Now as for Sprint. As funny this may be. I live in Kansas City. The headquarter of Sprint. I had more deadzone and drops with Sprint than I did with AT&T. Strange isn't it? So for where I live and go I found Sprint wasn't for my family. However, I have heard many people say that AT&T is really horrible on the west coast. Now my sister lives in Nebraska. Sprint and AT&T are absolutely terrible in her area so she is with Verizon because it works great for that particular area. So be sure to ask people that live in the area you live at so that you make sure you get the right plan for you! Yes, I know Sprint is really nice because of that unlimited plan and I agree! It won't be so useful if it doesn't work that well for you on the area you live at. So that is my two cents. HTH

Submitted by Larry Thacker Jr. on Saturday, August 25, 2012

I've been on Sprint since I got my first cell phone in 1998. I have looked into switching a couple of times but always end up deciding what I already have is better. Truly unlimited data is a major plus. You never need to worry about how much you're using. In my particular area of the city data coverage could be better, but if I'm at home I'm using wi-fi anyway. Sprint would have to do something truly awful to prompt me to leave it. Now if you have multiple devices it may or may not be such a good deal. You would need to know how much data you actually use and do the math.

Hi Bobby  You said your monthly account on AT&T is $400 for 6 SmartPhones.  AnonyMouse said about new AT&T plan for 5 SmartPhones unlimited talk, text and 10 Gb of Data to share per $270 that's cool  Right here have a Sprint plan very similar that you have actually on AT&T.  Sprint family plan  5 SmartPhones  Plan include  1,500 minutes to share any time  Any mobile any time it's mean unlimited mobile to mobile any carrier  Unlimited texts  Unlimited data  Nights and weakens starting at 7 PM to 7 AM.  You can purchase extra minutes how? Call to customer service before end your minutes and you can purchase 100 minutes per $5 limited 300 minutes.  First 2 lines per $149 $30 per additional line total per 5 lines $239. Save even more Sell back any old phone and get up  $300. see by yourself how much is  the iPhone 4S now?

Hello to all. It seems like sprint is a good one for me. They have good coverage here in Altamonte Springs FL where I live. I'm just sick of at&t. I appreciate you all's comments. :)

Hello to all. Has anyone ever pre-ordered a sprint iphone online? I have at&t and I want to preorder the sprint iphone 5 online. I need to have a cell phone until I got the sprint iphone working so i figured i'd keep the at&t service until i got the sprint going. Can I do all this online or do I have to go to a store? Thanks for all the help. I want to leave at&t ASAP. I almost have half a mind to get the 4s right now on sprint but then the iphone 5 would be a super expensive upgrade. LOL.

Submitted by Armando Maldonado on Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hello, i just recently switched to Sprint. In the past I use to be a t-mobile customer but as you may or may not have guessed, T-mobile did not have any phones that would work for the blind, since they were more focused on Android. My mom and I are on a family plan and T-mobile was charging us almost 200 dollars for unlimited tal/text, and 20 dolars for 2 gigs of data for my mom's phone. I finally got tired of being ripped off, so we did our research. both AT&T and Verizon's family plans were up there along with T-mobile, but the data plans would not have worked for us. We went to Sprint and not only did we get the unlimited data, text and mobile to mobile, with 1500 LandLine voice minutes, they honored my mom's AAA auto insurance along with activation wavers for both lines. Depending on the store and such, you may or may not save money depending on which discounts are available. They charge10 dollars per device that is on the plan and they call it the SmartPhone line or something of that sorts. Overall, Sprint works here for me in Northern California and am happy with my IPhone 4S.

Well guys sprint absolutely sucks. LTE roll out? It made it unbearable here in Orlando. I switched to t-mobile and never looked back. I'm sorry but sprint needs a few years. If you're interested in t-mobile I'd give them a look for sure. I listen to a lot of internet radio and sprint was not cutting it at all. Even low bitrate streams would constantly buffer.

Tmobile here sucks. They only hve edge here whr ei live and tha'ts is in a huge city plus their customer service sucks as well. They lied to oen of my familer members and made them pay hundereds of dollar for water damange which they didnt' even have. Their phone was not even near water to begin with but just because the sensor changed color they made them pay out of pocket, no ensurence either. Sprint is slow here but since I'm always on wifi I can deal with it and it's worth it. even though I only use about 2 or so gigs a month.