Is There a Way to transfer music from Your iPhone to your computer?

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Hi Everyone, Is There a Way to transfer music from Your iPhone to your computer? Please keep in mind that I am using a keyboard with my iPhone and that I'm using the iPhone 5S 32Gb model. If there is a way to transfer music from my iPhone to my computer then how do I do it. Thank you all for any help.
Steve Cullen



Submitted by Laszlo on Monday, August 3, 2015


If you have music on your phone that you purchased through the iTunes Store, then you can transfer it from your phone to your computer by choosing the "Transfer Purchased Items" option in iTunes. I don't know where this is on Mac, but in Windows it's in the menu bar under the "Devices" submenu.

If you have music from...shall we say...other sources, I don't know of any way it could be transferred over from the phone to the computer.

Submitted by falcon wings on Monday, August 3, 2015

Something like Izip could help you with getting all your music from your iphone to your pc. you will still need Itunes,though.
You may require sighted asisstence to select all your songs In izip at least I wasn't able to figure out a way to select the songs on my own, however the rest of the process is quite eazy and accessible
Here is what you do
Download Izip on your iphone obviously :d, after that's done, open the app. find the audio section,double tap on it,select all the songs and zip em.
After that's done, connect your iphone to your pc with ITunes on it, go to the file sharing option ,select izip, and select the file. you should see a button save to.., select where you want to save the and you are done.

There isn't a select all option nither in this or the pro version
so if you have loads of songs like I do, the selection may take you some time and make sure that your zip is done transferring and that you are able to access/extract it before you remove your phone or format/ restore it like I did and lose all your songs like I did too =(


Submitted by Jayson Smith on Monday, August 3, 2015

This page describes what to do in a situation where you have been collecting an iTunes library on your computer, but lost that computer and have no viable backups of your iTunes library. In general, iTunes is designed to send music and other content to your iPhone, not the other way around.

Submitted by charles on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

If you have a drop box account, and you have the drop box app on your iPhone, create a folder to hold the desired music and put the music into that folder on your phone. When you open drop box on your PC, copy the music from within the created folder and paste it whereyou want it to reside. HTH.