Talking Book Program and The iPhone

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See Below Ray Williams I am a subscriber to the Talking Book Program via the Austin Tx library service. The service has greatly enhanced my life due to my loss of sight in Aug 2011. I was wondering if there are plans to offer an IOS Application to download Talking Books on devices such as the IPhone? I understand there are copywrite concerns but other commercially available sites and organzations have over come the challenges.AS with most Government organizations, the cost savings present by reclaiming digital recorders and catridges should be substandal, given the user with a validated account could enjoy audible books on their IOS device. Thanks for your consideration, Ray Williams nls [] NLS at the present time does not have an iPod or iPad app for reading BARD books. NLS is actively engaged in efforts to provide NLS patrons an application that will allow them to play audiobooks on mobile platforms. As progress is made, updated information will be made available on our NLS website as well as from the network library (Texas) serving you. (my reply) Thank you for your response. I am highly encouraged by your comments and look forward to a mobile solution from NLS in providing audible books to the blind. Ray Williams



Submitted by Jen on Tuesday, June 25, 2013

In March, I heard a podcast where someone was demonstrating the NLS Bard app for IPhone. At that time, they said it would be released, most likely in June. Has anybody heard anything else about this? At the time of the podcast, the app was functional, and they were just making improvements before the release. So it seems like there shouldn't be anything else to hold it up. I'll love it whenever it shows up in the app store.

Submitted by Kyle on Monday, August 26, 2013

also, there is things like Audible and audio books on itunes if you want to go that route as well.