A Tale of Two Servers

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I have stumbled onto two small and lightweight servers that will run on the iPhone: LigHTTPd – web server vsFTPd – FTP server I have been able to install and properly configure both and access them remotely on LAN and as localhost. I have been, however, unsuccessful at reaching either of them from two different networks, for example, across the internet. I searched for answers on Google and found some very interesting possible solutions with no results. One solution talked about using My3G to fool any WiFi only apps to using the 3G network but I can’t seem to get this useless app to work at all for any apps. The second solution to use PDA Net which will act as a router and it did actually assign private IP’s. I still cannot reach the servers across the Internet so there has to be more to this configuration since now I have two IP addresses to worry about, a public and a private. Going back to the drawing board I started looking at my home network as an example and now I have this configured: LigHTTPd running on port 80 vsFTPd running on port 22 to make this more interesting WiFi HD Free running on port 8888 iDNS is used to resolve my dynamic DNS public IP to a hostname PDA Net to establish private IP’s And for giggles (although I can’t get it to work) My3G hoping it will fool something else besides me Now what is missing from the equation is port forwarding because I still can’t reach the servers from the Internet. My knowledge of Unix/Linux is very limited. Actually, I only started learning and diving into the file system after Jailbreaking. If someone knows the answer I would really appreciate the feedback. This project is driving me crazy and now I am finding myself spending all my free time on Google and forums the last two weeks! lol